How To Create a Histogram in Google sheets?

Creating a histogram in Google Sheets is easy and fun, let’s start

What is Histogram?

A histogram is a graphical display of data using bars of different heights.

In a histogram, each bar groups numbers into ranges. Taller bars show that more data falls in that range. A histogram displays the shape and spread of continuous sample data.

Let’s say you are a marketer and you want to create a persona for your social media followers.

What you will get out of all of the Analytics tools is just a bunch of the numbers.

It is hard to understand them without visualization.

A histogram can help you to visualize all of those numbers.

In order to use a histogram, we simply require a variable that takes continuous numeric values. This means that the differences between values are consistent regardless of their absolute values.

How to make a histogram in Google sheets?

Step one:

To start that I’m going to stay with the example of the Followers from other social media accounts, here I collected the group of the data from one of our accounts which is showing us what is the age range of our followers.

We have 641 different ages.

In the next step, we click on the menu in the insert and then click on charts.


Step Two

Usually, Google is smart to show us the histogram charts but if you didn’t get them automatically you can choose them from the right menu.


Step Three

So I was lucky and I could get the histogram chart I wanted to have:



You can see the major of followers are between 17 and 39 years old, and we have more followers from the group of the age of 37 and 31 years old.

We can do more change to this histogram, for example, we can change the group off package after ages and saying put all 5 years into one packet of age.


And this is the histogram in the results of this bucket:


How to Create a Histogram Chart in Google Sheets in easy steps

Add your numbers in one column, select that data, and choose the Histogram Chart from the Chart editor.

Format Data for the Histogram Chart in Google Sheets

Just don’t make it complicated add all of your data in one column.




There are more possibilities to use this kind of graph, if you need anything else comment below and let me know. I will cover it in the next update.

A list of formula can be useful for creating a Histogram in Google sheets: