How to Use PROPER in Google Sheets in 2020?

PROPERCapitalizes each word in a specified string.

Sample Usage

PROPER(“united states”)




text_to_capitalize – The text which will be returned with the first letter of each word in uppercase and all other letters in lowercase.


PROPER is useful for proper nouns, such as names of people or geographic locations.

PROPER capitalizes each word in text_to_capitalize rather than the beginning of each sentence, and is therefore likely not the correct tool to use for paragraphs or other blocks of text.

PROPER will convert all characters not at the beginning of words to lowercase, which may cause problems with certain strings. For example, using PROPER(“mcLeod”) to capitalize the surname McLeod results in “Mcleod” instead.

See Also

UPPER: Converts a specified string to uppercase.

SUBSTITUTE: Replaces existing text with new text in a string.

LOWER: Converts a specified string to lowercase.