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How to Use QUOTIENT function in Google Sheets?


QUOTIENT function: Returns one number divided by another, without the remainder.

Sample Usage:




=QUOTIENT(dividend, divisor)

dividend – The number to be divided.

divisor – The number to divide by (cannot equal 0).

The QUOTIENT function in Google Sheets is a useful tool for performing division and returning only the integer result of the division, discarding any remainder. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you only need to know the number of times one value can be divided into another, rather than the exact result of the division.

To use the QUOTIENT function, you will need to provide two arguments: the numerator and the denominator. The function will then return the integer result of the division of the numerator by the denominator. For example:

=QUOTIENT(50, 10) returns 5

You can also use the QUOTIENT function in conjunction with other functions, such as the ROUNDUP function, to perform more complex calculations. For example:

=ROUNDUP(QUOTIENT(51, 10), 0) returns 6

In addition to its primary use for division, the QUOTIENT function can also be used to find the modulo of a number. The modulo of a number is the remainder left over when one number is divided into another. To find the modulo of a number using the QUOTIENT function, you can use the following formula:

=A1-B1*QUOTIENT(A1,B1), where A1 and B1 are the cells containing the numerator and denominator, respectively.

Overall, the QUOTIENT function is a useful tool for performing division and other calculations in Google Sheets. Whether you need to know how many times one number can be divided into another, or you need to find the modulo of a number, the QUOTIENT function can help you get the results you need.


QUOTIENT performs a division, but will only return the quotient and not the remainder. To see the full result (quotient and remainder), use the DIVIDE function or the ‘/’ operator.

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