How to Use SPLIT function in Google Sheets in 2020?

SPLIT functionDivides text around a specified character or string, and puts each fragment into a separate cell in the row.


Make a copy

Sample Usage

SPLIT(“1,2,3”, “,”)

SPLIT(“Alas, poor Yorick”,” “)

SPLIT(A1, “,”)


SPLIT(text, delimiter, [split_by_each], [remove_empty_text])

text – The text to divide.

delimiter – The character or characters to use to split text.

By default, each character in delimiter is considered individually, e.g. if delimiter is “the”, then text is divided around the characters “t”, “h”, and “e”. Set split_by_each to FALSE to turn off this behavior.

split_by_each – [ OPTIONAL – TRUE by default ] – Whether or not to divide text around each character contained in delimiter.

remove_empty_text – [ OPTIONAL – TRUE by default ] – Whether or not to remove empty text messages from the split results. The default behavior is to treat consecutive delimiters as one (if TRUE). If FALSE, empty cells values are added between consecutive delimiters.


Note that the character or characters to split the string around will not be contained in the result themselves.

See Also

CONCATENATE: Appends strings to one another.