How to Use TBILLPRICE in Google Sheets in 2020?

TBILLPRICECalculates the price of a US Treasury Bill based on discount rate.

Sample Usage

TBILLPRICE(DATE(2010,1,2), DATE(2010,12,31), .0125)



TBILLPRICE(settlement, maturity, discount)

settlement – The settlement date of the security, the date after issuance when the security is delivered to the buyer.

maturity – The maturity or end date of the security, when it can be redeemed at face or par value.

discount – The discount rate of the bill at time of purchase.


settlement and maturity should be entered using DATE, TO_DATE or other date parsing functions rather than by entering text.

TBILLPRICE is equivalent to using PRICEDISC with US Treasury Bill conventions for the absent parameters.

maturity must be one year or less from the settlement date.

discount is a percentage and must be entered as a positive number from zero to one.

See Also

TBILLYIELD: Calculates the yield of a US Treasury Bill based on price.

PRICEDISC: Calculates the price of a discount (non-interest-bearing) security, based on expected yield.

PRICE: Calculates the price of a security paying periodic interest, such as a US Treasury Bond, based on expected yield.