How to Use TIMEVALUE in Google Sheets in 2020?

TIMEVALUEReturns the fraction of a 24-hour day the time represents.
Sample Usage



TIMEVALUE(“11:59:59.50 PM”)



time_string – The string that holds the time representation.


The string of text used in time_string should be within quotations and represent time using either the 12-hour or 24-hour time format, for example “2:15 PM” or “14:15”.
Returns a number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive). Zero corresponds to 12:00:00 AM and 0.9999884259 corresponds to 11:59:59 PM. To get closer to 1.0, use fractions of seconds after 11:59:59 PM (e.g., 11:59:59.50 PM).
Dates, for example the day of the week, are ignored in time_string.

See Also

DATEVALUE: Converts a provided date string in a known format to a date value.

MINUTE: Returns the minute component of a specific time, in numeric format.

HOUR: Returns the hour component of a specific time, in numeric format.

TIME: Converts an hour, minute, and second into a time.

NOW: Returns the current date and time as a date value.