How to Use TO_DOLLARS in Google Sheets in 2020?

TO_DOLLARSConverts a provided number to a dollar value.

Sample Usage





value – The argument or reference to a cell to be converted to a dollar value.

If value is not a number or a reference to a cell containing a numeric value, TO_DOLLARS returns value without modification.


Because dates and percentages are backed by numbers, TO_DOLLARS will convert them successfully. However, these conversions are not typically meaningful.

TO_DOLLARS is equivalent to applying Format -> Number -> Currency from the menu bar.

TO_DOLLARS differs from the related function DOLLAR in that DOLLAR outputs text rather than applying a cell format to a number.

TO_DOLLARS does not convert from other currencies into US Dollars. Please use the GoogleFinance function to convert currencies at current exchange rates.

See Also

TO_TEXT: Converts a provided numeric value to a text value.

TO_PURE_NUMBER: Converts a provided date/time, percentage, currency or other formatted numeric value to a pure number without formatting.

TO_PERCENT: Converts a provided number to a percentage.

TO_DATE: Converts a provided number to a date.

N: Returns the argument provided as a number.

GOOGLEFINANCE: Fetches current or historical securities information from Google Finance.

DOLLAR: Formats a number into the locale-specific currency format.