How to Use TYPE in Google Sheets in 2020?

TYPEReturns a number associated with the type of data passed into the function.
Sample Usage





value – The data whose type is to be determined.


This function returns the following numbers:

1: if value is a number
2: if value is text
4: if value is boolean
16: if value is an error
64: if value is an array
128: for any other type of cell. For example, in-cell images and sparklines.

The function cannot determine whether or not a cell or range of cells is using a formula, only returning the type of value being displayed in the cells.

See Also

ISTEXT: Checks whether a value is text.

ISNUMBER: Checks whether a value is a number.

ISLOGICAL: Checks whether a value is `TRUE` or `FALSE`.

ISERROR: Checks whether a value is an error.